Ecamtronics Newsletter 1
Image source: Ecamtronics

Ecamtronics Newsletter 1

As of the beginning of this academic year, ECAM Strasbourg-Europe Engineering School has the privilege of witnessing the revival of their late robotics club. New team, new projects, a whole new vision on the subject: might as well say Ecamtronics has many surprises in store!

What are our goals?

Our goals are simple: to allow the creation of a collaborative organization whose objectives have to do with the field of mechatronics. It’s all about creating a community platform, where all the members can submit their projects. If you think your project is interesting, relevant, feasible, just let us know about it. We will take it into consideration and deliberate on whether or not we should work on it. Another part of our project is to organize small events, which will serve as a mean of introducing people to the field of mechatronics, as well as promoting the school!

Who are we?

Ecamtronics is: Romain Cangianno, Nicolas Douard, Léo Lefret, Antoine Meyer, Jérémie Meyer, Nicolas Schnell, Alexis Thezée, Delphine Troton. We are a small team of motivated students!


  • Your project seems interesting, but I don’t know the first thing about robotics…

The problem with robotics is that it scares people. It’s one of those fields that people immediately associate with something very complicated that they don’t want to be involved in.

– Alexis Thezée, member of Ecamtronics

Let’s make it clear about one thing: our goal at Ecamtronics is not to create an elite club. Some of us have real knowledge and experience on the subject, some of us don’t. However, our goal is the same: to create. Learning is a part of the process.

  • How can I keep track on your project?

We will communicate on social networks like Facebook (our public page will be available very soon!) and on our own website: The website will contain articles regarding ongoing and completed projects as well as a presentation of the association. We intend to write articles in French and in English. Writing articles on completed projects in English and posting well-made and entertaining videos on platforms like YouTube could make us visible online even beyond the school.